OZP Church of the Nazarene
Rev. Errol Vieira
128-03 Foch Blvd
South Ozone Park , New York  11420-2947
Phone: (347) 680-1400


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Harvest Service - November 23, 2014

Christmas Concert - December 06, 2014

Christmas Dinner - December 13, 2014




Life in the Spirit

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.
If we walk in the spirit we will not fulfill the things of the flesh
What does walking in the spirit mean to you?  For a new sincere believer in Christ, it means everything. Our needs to fulfill our desires are very compelling and our determination to have our own way an almost given. To go contrary to the spiritual inclination is to do exactly opposite to what our very nature inclines us to do.  Yet still the spirit of God enters the believer and instantaneously 1) empowers the individual to resist sin knowing it is offensive to God 2) intercedes for the believer in prayer 3) provides the believer with insight in reading and understanding Gods word 4) provides the convert with a blueprint of righteousness which he or never knew before 5) provides you with an appetite for God and an eagerness for his holy word 6) gives you the power to say yes or no to sin before any thought or act is executed 7) his Spirit witnesses with our spirit that we are a child of God.
As a new child of God, we are made joint heirs in Christ. What an instantaneous and trustworthy accomplishment! 
If we relish this new birth in Christ and feed ourselves spiritually by reading his word, we grow daily in the knowledge of his righteousness and know that God requires us to live righteously. We then have a strong innate desire not to violate that new covenant with God. This means not compromising our faith, our commitment to Christ, or our truthfulness regardless of the circumstances, no matter how dreadful the outcome might be. This pleases God. This is how we walk in the spirit. Our faith in God becomes rooted with each trying situation. We know that tribulation worketh patience, and patience experience and experience hope. This hope denotes the absolute certainty the believer has of God’s deliverance. For we walk by that faith in God. 
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